As light travels away from a source it vibrates in all directions equally, this is similar to the way motion waves roll down a whip. But think of it like this, rather than the wave traveling on a flat plane it travels in all directions and when reflected off a flat, shiny surface such as water, the light waves become polarized and align in a side-to-side, horizontal direction. The result..... Fishermen know this to well as a blinding glare. When I think of high quality polarized eyewear I tend to couple those words with the name Doug Phillips from Tonic, the go-to man for exeptional eyewear. Going back in time to Tonics amazing Photochromic lens technology release, this brought anglers a transition in light levels, the photochromic lens structure is a lens that begins to change when it is exposed to UV light and begins to darken accordingly, brilliant for Bass anglers like myself who are highly exposed to light as well as shadows. Tonic then brang forth a revolutionary product that blows any lens off the market, "The Neon Lens" and I have had the chance to vigoriously test these latest lenses. When ambient light surrounds the environment of your subject such as sighting fish in the water, a great polarize lens is needed to cut the glare on the waters surface, but sometimes as Bass fisho's would agree when fishing in deep shadowed areas a more light sourcing lens is much more productive. Tonic's new Neon lens technology actually draws in all light sources from the environment and creates perfect illuminated vision. A polarize lens changes contrast to reduce glare, The Neon lens combines this technology but also changes the highlights, for example when overcast days cloud the sky and make your vision on the water opaque the Neon lens gives just the right amount of contrast and exposure to cut through the glare but giving a more better approach with highlighted vision. I have been using the Shimmer in neon and Torquay in photochromic copper lately and they are definitely the most comfortable sunnies, using high tensile TR90 frames. They are the most agile frames in high end quality Sunglasses. Throughout the day you tend to forget you are wearing them and dive into the water with them on. When Tonic Eyewear's Photochromic lenses are exposed to UV light the lens structure begins a change and the lens begins to darken accordingly. This makes Tonic's photochromic lenses advantageous for us anglers who are highly exposed to light as well as shadows.